Oblivion!!….What and Where is It?


Recently the opportunity arose to heal and explore the concept of oblivion and the eventual annihilation of the physical self and all that I am and all that has accumulated in me. Now annihilation is a fairly intense word so I feel that oblivion is more appropriate, although depending on where we are it too can feel intense. Oblivion feels more like a destination to travel to as opposed to being annihilated on the way there. Now the eventual exit of the physical self into oblivion or the total annihilation of the physical self (whatever one works for you) is an intense and emotional blockage for the majority of humanity, it can if we choose, allow us the opportunity to really embrace and live in this moment called life.

The dictionary defines life as “the time between birth and death”. Sounds simple enough however, how many of us really live in that space and how many of us are running from an undisclosed end date or the reality of eventual oblivion? I know for myself until the last year or so I had refused to face the concept of oblivion, it turns out that in some way we all have this fear and for the vast majority of the people I know and love every decision (at its base level) made in their life is made from the knowledge that at some point they will be cast into oblivion. It’s a fair call really although a little irrational and it leads people to create weird lives based upon the fear of exiting stage left.

Everything that we encounter in this world has a use by date. All matter and material possessions at some point fall into either obscurity or oblivion, it seems to be the natural order of matter. So if we can disconnect from a material object why can’t we do the same for the material object that is the body? That is all easier said than done and it takes great courage to face this reality, although it shouldn’t. Look at any object around you, they all age and start to deteriorate at some stage. Eventually being discarded or upgraded to a newer model. Don’t we physical beings do the same thing. We outgrow relationships, houses, cars and clothes and we move on not once thinking  about what we have cast into oblivion. Even when we lay down to sleep of an evening we enter the world of oblivion. The physical body lay sleeping/comatosed and the energetic self is where? Somewhere!!

Inevitably this life we lead in this physical form will come to a finish, that is a given (or is it?) However my belief is that this physical reality we have created for ourselves is only a stepping stone and a place of learning and remembering who we really are at the core of our being. And that being is of pure energy and energy can’t be destroyed, it can only be transmuted or moved on for the beginning of a new chapter. Our society can’t comprehend at this time the notion or concept that we are immortal, the mention of this concept brings with it derision and incomprehension that such an absurd idea is possible. Why is it not possible? What else is possible that we don’t know of? This dimensional reality we are in dictates to us that we are not physical immortal.. It is a mortal paradigm that the physical body resides in. However the energetic soul that drives this physical meat wagon around is immortal and will continue on in a different form as it has done for millennia. A quote I found the other day explains this “The fact of the matter is that your body is your vehicle. And you came to earth to get it, you have to work with it, then it is your key to freedom from being earthbound”.

This realisation is liberating in so many ways. It will allow us the space to confront this fear and uncomfortableness we have and explore how it came into our being.  And it was put there by a cultural paradigm that doesn’t believe in its own inherrant abilites. When you watch a child play they are very much in the moment, they have no concept what so ever that anything they do could lead to harm let alone oblivion (the concept doesn’t enter their awareness). They launch right into everything with reckless abandon, then watch their parents or carers response when they do something that they (parents) feel might harm them. They launch into their defend and protect from harm mode built from their fear of oblivion. Bring up the subject of death with anyone and watch their body language recoil in horror that you would want to talk about something so morbid and then them attempting to change the subject….rapidly!

We run from what we fear most and we avoid discussing it for fear that we will feel uncomfortable. We make life choices to avoid it. Look at anyone who reaches middle age. They are at what they define as the middle point of life and start to look back at what they have or haven’t achieved and then look forward and what they see is oblivion coming closer so they make choices so as to avoid the inevitable demise that is heading their way (Insert fast cars, motorbikes and young women/men). Really when you think about it, oblivion is a breath or step away at all moments in all of time. Choosing to embrace that reality and live in the moment by accepting that this is only temporary and all the possessions and money in the world will not make one iota of difference in the end is liberating.

If we create our lives from the fear of eventual oblivion we will miss the bit in the middle called “life” and that is where all the joy and bliss of each and every moment resides. If we are holding in the back of our mind that fear how can we fully immerse in the beauty of the present moment. We can’t! Liberate yourself by accepting oblivion as a transitory step on this long and beautiful journey and you will live a full life.  It is the bus stop to the next phase. Release all your attachments to all that is physical and material and watch your life blossom and fill with joy. All that we have is this very moment, the past is gone and the future is not guaranteed. So fill each moment with a choice to immerse oneself in what is, not what might be. So when its time to walk the path of oblivion you can take that step fully immersed with the knowledge and wisdom of a life lived fully and truthfully.

That choice defines our Reality In-formation! Love and gratitude to all.

Transmuting In-formation of this Reality!

What is Reality? Do we ever really know or comprehend what is truly occurring around us? Are we a part of what we witness or are we external from it perceiving it through a kaleidoscope of lenses that change depending on the elements that we are in exchange with? Is that what is occurring? Is reality the exchange of energy taking place in this current moment in time and space which is shown to the internal self through a lens of differing resonant shades? How we perceive it is purely up to which internal monkey is tuning in and setting the focus and what that monkeys attachment is in having to present a story to the outside elements. That then becomes your reality. Who’s hat are you really wearing in this moment?

What are those elements that co-create your reality? They are all the elements we tune into in every waking moment. They are the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the people we interact with and the manner in which we invest our time and energy. These elements generate and absorb energy and they then transmute that energy into us, which empowers the us to the next moment. They are all energetic forces, as are the natural worlds elemental forces of fire, water, air, earth. These all are generating our daily reality by the choices we make as well as the choices we don’t make. Making choices is the tuning that we do or don’t do. To do that consciously is to choose your reality. Unconscious tuning is leaving your reality to chance and in someone else’s hands. We are the tuning fork to all that occurs within us and to us. That tuning is the energy we receive and emit, commonly felt as the gut instinct or the heart connection and it is emitted as well as received through us.

At every moment there is an energy pulsing through us and guiding us through the minefield  that is the modern human experience. All those elements make up the reality we perceive and how we experience that. To experience that internally is to have insight into what it is you are creating in every moment. Is it not that which defines the human experience? One that is purely an internal energetic exchange! Can it even be defined? As to define something is to attach to it an outcome, that then fixates that definition into a dual reality. By having an attachment to an outcome we immediately bring into creation a polar opposite, that is the dual. To dual is to fight! Thus in an attachment to an outcome there will be some fear of loss and a fight to maintain the status quo, as to be attached one has to accept the polar opposite of loss. That is what we humans fear the most LOSS. This is why this modern human experience places so much emphasis on living and life, yet so many fear to tread on that path for fear of the unknown. To truly live you have to not be attached to an outcome. You have to walk the path of the unknown and trust that you will come through it. At some point we will all cease to be in this physical form, although our energy will not cease to be as energy does not stop, it transitions or transmutes into another form.

Transition is where there can be no attachment. It is the point at which you have released all attachment to the past and have not quite gripped future outcome and for that moment your breathe is taken away, you are literally floating in a sea of possibility! That is the point where all is possible.  That is now! The only moment that matters is now! It is the letting go of the handlebars moment where some energetic force continues your movement and by relaxing into it will allow it to flow through you like water flows down a stream. It carries you forward into the next moment. It can be gentle when you release into it or it can be violent and hard when you fight it. Every moment in time is a transition, we are transitory beings in a world that we believe is solid, attaching to that solidity is where we struggle and the point at which we create duality. However, as each moment fluxes and wanes in multidirectional realms of time and space that are not visible to the naked eye, we can feel it in the body. The body is the receiver for all that is experienced in the elements of nature and also from the elements of all other energetic beings we interact with. All life is energy so to that end all that is in this world is living and thus emits an energy that interacts with our own electromagnetic fields. Thus creating the reality we witness.

Taken one step further if we can assimilate these elements through breath work, water fasting, sun gazing, immersion in water, connecting with earth through barefoot walking, spending conscious time communing in nature and meditating with these elements  or another form that works for the individual, they will empower us to move beyond what we think is possible and into the unknown world of what is possible. Moving beyond the thinking brain and the intellectualisation of this paradigm and a reality that must define and know every outcome. Into the realm of release of all identification and attachment to transition beyond the constructed walls of perception based upon the consensus reality of all energy that is embedded upon this planet. Releasing this attachment and identification of the thinking mind and the little self is to release the concept of holding a position, it removes the dualistic nature of consensus reality. What position can the thinking mind and little self hold when attachment to an outcome is released to a position of neutrality? There can be no identity in that space! There can only be a transition, transformation or transmutation to a new reality. To transition, transform or transmute is to go beyond or through time and space using the vital force within to create. What is it we are creating? Our reality is what is being created in that space. And that is Reality In-Formation.

The questions I pose in these articles are not always answerable and that is the point. Not everything in life needs an answer. My answers will differ from yours as our lives are lived from different perspectives and have differing inputs and outputs. There can be no right or wrong answer.  That is duality! There can only be an answer that resonates within you. We don’t always have to have the answers. That is the mystical side of this life. However how will you ever get an answer if you don’t ask a question? In order to find the truth in your life you must be prepared to ask questions. For you will never find truth if you sit on the fence and acquiesce yourself to others beliefs. These are purely the thoughts and questions that arise daily from within my energetic being, I am not aiming to answer them correctly and in order of appearance. My aim is to find the truth from the insights I gain by asking the questions in the first place. My hope here is that we can gain some insight together. Through a common-unity!

Every morning feels like this

Love and gratitude to all! Enjoy the journey!

The less we need, the more we can BE!

Needlessness! What does it mean to be needless?

As a child I was once told by my mother that once all your needs are met you can then go after what it is you want. If you still feel that you must have it. At the time I had no idea what that meant all I knew was that I wanted something that she wasn’t going to let me have and to me it appeared unfair. Fast forward a few decades and that statement finally sinks in. We don’t actually want or need anything and the less we need the more it frees us up to BE more. Firstly what is the difference between a want and a need? Are they different or do we justify everything we want as a need? And how do we distinguish the difference between them? I know in various situations I’ve been able to justify wanting some shiny new product because I couldn’t or didn’t want to distinguish the difference between them only to wind up poorer for the experience.

Needs! What do we actually need to thrive here on planet Earth? The common three that are rolled out are food, water and shelter. You can also add clothes onto that list as apparently its frowned upon these days to walk the streets naked. Well in my town anyway. So beyond those 3 or 4 items we pretty much don’t need anything else to thrive and those items are fairly easy to create or obtain. It doesn’t matter what level your income is at you can source food, water and shelter for free if you know where to look and can be a little resourceful. Even if its not free we need very little to sustain ourselves in these departments.

Which brings me to wants, everybody wants something and generally its not a requirement to sustain human life it normally is wanted to distract us or to delude us into thinking we are something we’re not. There is nothing wrong with wanting something, i’m not here to say give up your way of life and live under a tree with just a loin cloth on and nothing else and you’ll be happy. Some wants are better than others that for sure, however its being able to distinguish between a healthy desire to want something that will create an improvement in your life and wanting something because its the latest fad or gadget and your attempting to keep up with your peers. That is an unhealthy desire masked as a want and its an unhealthy space to be in. However we have all been there. The key here is to be able to identify what it is you want and if it ties in with your needs or improves your ability to obtain your needs then go for it. Again distinguishing the difference can make all the difference.

The society that has been created around us is built upon consumerism and consumption. Which creates more wants than needs as the market for the three or four basic needs is pretty slim and there’s not a lot of capital to be made there. So this space has been created where we are manipulated into looking outside ourselves for gratification and approval. We are led to believe that if we get this thing (whatever it may be as it doesn’t need to be a physical object to generate the same process) we want it will make our life better. We feel great for a brief moment because of hormonal changes that are a result of obtaining a desire, however it is short lived. Everything we need to have a better life is within us not outside of us in the wants of modern society. These wants are designed by marketers to generate cashflow for the suit and tie brigade and it wraps us up in a never ending quest of doing instead of being. One thing that has become apparent to me is that I’m a human being not a human doing and if I want more things i will have sacrifice some part of my life in order to be able to get said wants, which takes me away from my beingness and my creation potential. However if I need less I can actually be more as I’m not running around attempting to fulfil all of these desires. I actually have more time to be me and to be fulfilled by my-self created internal bliss. Blissfullness is an internal job.

In order to obtain a want what do we need to sacrifice? Let’s look at a simple scenario. Bob wants a new widget. There’s nothing wrong with his old one its just not as fast as his mate Barry’s, nor is it as shiny. Now in order to get the new widget he has to come up with cash. For the purposes of this explanation we will assume that credit doesn’t exist! Bob earns $25 an hour and his widget will cost $2500. Bob needs to work an extra 100 hours, on top of his normal work hours to be able to afford the new faster shiny widget. Now that’s a lot of Bob’s time spent doing instead of being. All because Bob believes that this new widget is needed by all of his justifications. It’s no longer a want its needed and desired, see the distinction there! What Bob is actually doing is sacrificing his time to be like Barry and have a new shiny gadget. What Bob probably doesn’t realise is how much time Barry has had to sacrifice in order to get what he wanted, Bob doesn’t care he just wants it no matter what as he’s not seeing a sacrifice he is distracted by his desire for the latest widget and the idea that it may improve his lot in life. And at the end of his long working week when he is exhausted from the extra hours he will more than likely be too tired to even use his new widget and will have found some other want to attempt to hold off the feeling of dissatisfaction with how tired and exhausted he is with his life. Sound familiar! It does to me as I have lived that experience on many levels. That’s one small example of a want taking away our time to be. And then snowballing into a never ending cycle of wanton desire that is commonly known as consumerism. Because it is actually desire that creates this unbalanced cycle. When we cease desiring and become content with being that is when we exit the external world of desire and enter an internal flow that is tranquil, calm and needless.


The journey of liberation begins with needlessness as a state of total sentient sovereignty is realised. Juliet Carter

It is because of our ever expanding comfort zones that we have satiated through a series of hollow definitions of abundance and need that we have been sold by marketers, media and society in general that causes us to feel this desire of needing more. If we release our desire of any-thing and we become needless we actually create a space to BE. We actually need no-thing, no-body and no-time to be the best we can be. That is needlessness. Realising that all we need is within us and we can manifest all our needs and more from being needless for any-thing, any-body and any-time. If its a requirement for your life it will turn up. Now I’m not saying that you will sit there in lotus position and when you open your eyes all that you have ever needed will be right before your eyes. What I’m saying is that before we race off and buy the latest gadget that’s been advertised to improve our life we should actually sit and meditate on it and ask ourself, is this really needed? Will this improve my being or detract from my being? What am I doing or sacrificing to obtain this? Do I already have something in my life that does a similar thing to this and if so can it be upgraded or adapted to the task? Will I still be using this in 5 years time, or will this be relevant in 5 years time? What will it really mean to me to have this? These are simple things we can ask ourselves when we give ourselves space to be and not chasing an illusion that ends in unfulfilling instant gratification. This process will liberate and allow us to move easily beyond the addictive illusions of this consumeristic reality and walk away from the never ending loop of consumption.

If you allow yourself to see the perfection in every moment and everything you witness, from a space of total needlessness, even where you have convinced yourself that perfection doesn’t exist you will begin to integrate and synthesise within yourself the light and the shadow. From this serene and blissful space your Reality is In-formation. Much gratitude and Love.

Nature is to Nurture

Early Life

Found these little dudes whilst out riding

The beautiful thing about nature and walking amongst it with all your senses wide open is you never know what little gems you might come across. Earlier this week I was walking along the river and noticed a nest on a low branch of a Fig tree. Gently pulling down the branch revealed this delicate, innocent and totally vulnerable pair of baby chicks. I don’t profess to be some expert on nature so I’m not able to name them, however I am able to totally appreciate the delicate balance that is life within the natural order of the world. Along with a massive dose of gratitude for being able to peer in to this private little world, I captured my photo and moved along to allow them the peace they deserve.

It got me thinking a great deal though on how we all start out in the same way. Now i’m not saying we are all born in trees and hatch out of eggs, maybe some of you did but i was told I wasn’t delivered in that fashion (mine was a stork delivery). I was however like all of us that vulnerable, innocent and totally reliant upon a responsible adult to care for me and raise me so that one day I might be able to leap out of the nest and fly all on my own. The question is  have we flown on our own natural instincts  as we know these birds will do one day, or are we flying according to someone else’s desires?

Looking at the birds they are totally unaware of their environment and require their parents to protect them and supply a steady amount of food. We think that’s all there is too it and when they are ready their parents push them out and they start flapping and hopefully fly before getting anywhere near the ground, and Shazzam! we have a bird that just knows what to do to be a bird. And that’s nature, no need for nurture, the animal world is a dark and cruel place where only the strongest survive. In my humble opinion that last sentence only applies to the human world. The animal kingdom has an inbuilt nurturing and knowing that all will be how it is meant to be and its that simple. That little bird will simply KNOW! what is required and will embody it.

Us humans have a similar experience. As infants we are totally unaware of anything other than food, warmth and our parents. Then we grow and expand our awareness of the world around us. We slowly over many years stretch out into that world until at some point we leap out of the nest and be human. How many of us know what it is that our human nature needs us to be let alone be human? The baby chick knows innately what is required. They fly, balance and collect food to survive. How do we humans, know what to do or be? Or are we shown what someone else wants us to be?

Our parents generally want us to do or be something that they weren’t able to do or be or to live up to some weird ideal of being “proper”. Proper according to what measuring stick?  Society has its hand in the ideals of being a human. It lays its imprint into us through schooling, TV, radio, internet, advertising, marketing as well as our peers and the economic pedigree we are born into. So as a result how much of our present day reality is made up of these ideals, morals and imprints? How much of it do we just follow along because “that’s what we’ve always done around here”? How much of it is natural to us? And how often do we feel like a hostage to others ideals and beliefs? Doing and not Being? How often do we really feel like we are the bird flying through the trees effortlessly and needlessly, being? Spend time in nature, disconnect from the feedlot, turn off the phone and TV and you may very well find the answers to these questions and many more.

Nature is beautiful there is no doubt about it. When we spend time in nature we instantly feel alive and connected. Every wondered why? Well we come from nature. We are nature. Its within all of us however we’ve been domesticated and separated from our natural source. We’ve been hearded and corralled into our own feedlots, separated by a fence or a wall from each other and from nature. We have boxed nature up into little strips between the concrete and asphalt. At night we close the doors and windows on nature. We hide from it when it is fierce and hot or scowly and cold. Why? Because it is uncomfortable and we have been conditioned to comfort. Yet whenever we spend time in it no matter the weather we have a story of significance to share about how wet and cold we got or how sunburnt and hot we got. Battle scars of our survival against nature.

So my point is this. We don’t survive against nature we thrive in its presence. We as a species thrive when our environment thrives and is healthy. We grow when nature is left to grow. It isn’t about our job title, the size of our houses or how much we are worth financially, nature doesn’t care for that. It’s superficial in natures presence. When you open yourself up to receive the beauty of a sunrise or sunset you instantly feel better, nothing else matters in that moment of beauty. The fresh air on your face as you wander through the forest and the crunch of the grass and sticks beneath your feet all add to the therapy of nature. The best way to nurture yourself is to be at one with nature. Sit in nature in quiet contemplation and ask it for the answers to your questions. Hug a tree, dance or walk barefoot on the dirt, get your hands dirty even for just 10 minutes. And you never know you might get a chance to peer into the private world of nature and be changed by the experience. Or better still you might find your true nature or even yourself. Go out and enjoy the moment!