BE like Water……….FLOW like water

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”― Bruce Lee

Whilst out on my weekly reconnect with nature, which inevitably involves water I perceived the change that water can create in the natural world. It got me thinking that like water we are transitory on this plane of reality. Everything moves, life moves, energy moves (we call that e-motion e=energy). Flow is a movement! It can be blunt and destructive much like the flooding river does after a tropical downpour where the trees and floatsom travels downstream in a torrent crashing into objects and changing the scene in a rush. Or it is gentle and subtle creating its groove over spans of time that are impossible to witness in this short human life. The question remains in this lifetime are you the torrent or the subtle groover? Or do you become like the water and become the chalice that overflows with the innocence of this very moment and allow its beauty to flow over you and carry you downstream through all the ebbs and flows of its meandering course?

If you have ever spent time in the tropics you will more than likely comprehend the amount of water that is all around at this time of the year. If you haven’t experienced life in the tropics you should try it at least once in your life. Water falls from the sky in torrents and when its not falling from the sky the air is thick with it. You feel all clammy and sticky from the heat and the thick moisture that we breath. You are immersed in it. For me though water is more than rain, rivers and having it on tap. It’s one of the basic elemental structures of life and without it we will cease to be.

It got me thinking, what is water? I mean other than physical liquid that is wet, (according to the dictionary) what does water actually represent and why is it so important for human life? Water is the first fractal of the human hologram, it’s the foundational element of this human matrix. I’m no lab coat brigadier, however I am smart enough to be aware of its physical importance to the very fabric of life. Attempt to grow a plant without watering it, generally it will struggle to thrive eventually withering, weakening and dying. Alternatively attempt to function without water, my understanding is we can’t last more than 3 days without it, life wouldn’t be so cool then.

Going back to physical basics water is hydrating to the human organism. Now there’s a clue! The periodic table tells us water has two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Now there’s some similarity in the words hydrating and hydrogen as they both come from the Greek word hydor meaning water. Now taken one step further doesn’t the human also need oxygen? Now we don’t always have to breath oxygen through the lungs it can be absorbed through the skin or even through the internal organs that comes into contact with…..wait for it…..water!! So where does all that hydrogen come from? My guess is to look skyward to our greatest source of energy, the benevolent sun. Always giving never taking. The solar sphere is feeding us with rays of golden light and some of those rays are components of water again fuelling us and connecting us into the eternal wheel of existence.

How does water impact our emotional and mental planes of existence? We can see physically the importance of this wet liquid, however these planes are deeper and unseen to the physical world. From my experience sitting by a river has a calming effect on my mental and emotional reality. Immersion in water also allows a form of forgiveness on the physical body by lightening its load bringing about feelings of calmness and serenity that can be hard to achieve whilst on the hard surfaces we wander around on daily. Floating springs to mind, and in that space it is absolutely serene, with water cradling and supporting the physical infrastructure. Water never judges, it never chooses a side it goes where the path of least resistance is. It takes on the form of whatever chalice it is poured into. And you my friend are a shapeless, formless chalice. An open chalice waiting to be filled with the tender, loving, forgiving and non-judgemental water, why stop at filling why not overflow with that abundance and share its gift. And that is where I believe the true life giving energy of water lies!

So how can we integrate these benefits of water into our daily reality. Apart from hydrating with it and bathing in it there are I believe other ways . Mindfulness immediately springs to mind. If we are mindful when we drink a glass of water and we really allow our body to commune with this elixir of life we can absorb the radiant energy that water imbues. Swimming in the ocean or any body of water can release tension that has built up during the day and allow our body to feel buoyant and feel released of the effects of gravity. When we stand in the shower allow the flow of water over our body to dissolve and discharge the energy that we have collected during the day. Feel its forgiving and non-judgmental energy flow over our body dissolving the day away, and really who doesn’t love a long shower after a hard day in the office. Or if you really want to dive deep and connect with your inner being try a float tank experience, not only do you immerse in really buoyant water you get the added benefit of total darkness and silence where you become totally shapeless and formless. As Bruce Lee states “Become like water my friend”. This is the depth of Reality In-Formation with much gratitude and love.

A fast flowing Mulgrave river after a January tropical downpour.

Nature is to Nurture

Early Life

Found these little dudes whilst out riding

The beautiful thing about nature and walking amongst it with all your senses wide open is you never know what little gems you might come across. Earlier this week I was walking along the river and noticed a nest on a low branch of a Fig tree. Gently pulling down the branch revealed this delicate, innocent and totally vulnerable pair of baby chicks. I don’t profess to be some expert on nature so I’m not able to name them, however I am able to totally appreciate the delicate balance that is life within the natural order of the world. Along with a massive dose of gratitude for being able to peer in to this private little world, I captured my photo and moved along to allow them the peace they deserve.

It got me thinking a great deal though on how we all start out in the same way. Now i’m not saying we are all born in trees and hatch out of eggs, maybe some of you did but i was told I wasn’t delivered in that fashion (mine was a stork delivery). I was however like all of us that vulnerable, innocent and totally reliant upon a responsible adult to care for me and raise me so that one day I might be able to leap out of the nest and fly all on my own. The question is  have we flown on our own natural instincts  as we know these birds will do one day, or are we flying according to someone else’s desires?

Looking at the birds they are totally unaware of their environment and require their parents to protect them and supply a steady amount of food. We think that’s all there is too it and when they are ready their parents push them out and they start flapping and hopefully fly before getting anywhere near the ground, and Shazzam! we have a bird that just knows what to do to be a bird. And that’s nature, no need for nurture, the animal world is a dark and cruel place where only the strongest survive. In my humble opinion that last sentence only applies to the human world. The animal kingdom has an inbuilt nurturing and knowing that all will be how it is meant to be and its that simple. That little bird will simply KNOW! what is required and will embody it.

Us humans have a similar experience. As infants we are totally unaware of anything other than food, warmth and our parents. Then we grow and expand our awareness of the world around us. We slowly over many years stretch out into that world until at some point we leap out of the nest and be human. How many of us know what it is that our human nature needs us to be let alone be human? The baby chick knows innately what is required. They fly, balance and collect food to survive. How do we humans, know what to do or be? Or are we shown what someone else wants us to be?

Our parents generally want us to do or be something that they weren’t able to do or be or to live up to some weird ideal of being “proper”. Proper according to what measuring stick?  Society has its hand in the ideals of being a human. It lays its imprint into us through schooling, TV, radio, internet, advertising, marketing as well as our peers and the economic pedigree we are born into. So as a result how much of our present day reality is made up of these ideals, morals and imprints? How much of it do we just follow along because “that’s what we’ve always done around here”? How much of it is natural to us? And how often do we feel like a hostage to others ideals and beliefs? Doing and not Being? How often do we really feel like we are the bird flying through the trees effortlessly and needlessly, being? Spend time in nature, disconnect from the feedlot, turn off the phone and TV and you may very well find the answers to these questions and many more.

Nature is beautiful there is no doubt about it. When we spend time in nature we instantly feel alive and connected. Every wondered why? Well we come from nature. We are nature. Its within all of us however we’ve been domesticated and separated from our natural source. We’ve been hearded and corralled into our own feedlots, separated by a fence or a wall from each other and from nature. We have boxed nature up into little strips between the concrete and asphalt. At night we close the doors and windows on nature. We hide from it when it is fierce and hot or scowly and cold. Why? Because it is uncomfortable and we have been conditioned to comfort. Yet whenever we spend time in it no matter the weather we have a story of significance to share about how wet and cold we got or how sunburnt and hot we got. Battle scars of our survival against nature.

So my point is this. We don’t survive against nature we thrive in its presence. We as a species thrive when our environment thrives and is healthy. We grow when nature is left to grow. It isn’t about our job title, the size of our houses or how much we are worth financially, nature doesn’t care for that. It’s superficial in natures presence. When you open yourself up to receive the beauty of a sunrise or sunset you instantly feel better, nothing else matters in that moment of beauty. The fresh air on your face as you wander through the forest and the crunch of the grass and sticks beneath your feet all add to the therapy of nature. The best way to nurture yourself is to be at one with nature. Sit in nature in quiet contemplation and ask it for the answers to your questions. Hug a tree, dance or walk barefoot on the dirt, get your hands dirty even for just 10 minutes. And you never know you might get a chance to peer into the private world of nature and be changed by the experience. Or better still you might find your true nature or even yourself. Go out and enjoy the moment!

What is possible?

IMG_2437As this is my first post here I will endeavor to keep it short and sweet, not one of my strong points as I can tend to ramble or even rant when something gets me all passionate and fiery. The basis for my setting up a blog is really to explore the world we interact with daily. We are told and shown by the example of others from a very early age what it means to be in this world (or reality as I like to describe it). So if we are told and shown everything, how much of it is really ours? How much of what we experience day to day is received and perceived from a place of neutrality? How much of the information we receive is actually beneficial to us and how much of this information is designed to unconsciously control or manipulate us? Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have all the answers however I’m going to explore all the little bits and pieces that make up my reality. And really, all of our life up till this point has been in-formation so it stands to reason that everything else from here on is in-formation. I’m not sure where all this will lead to actually one of my favorite sayings is “I do know that I don’t need to know and when I do need to know I will then know what I didn’t once know” I do know that it will be awe-full