Oblivion!!….What and Where is It?


Recently the opportunity arose to heal and explore the concept of oblivion and the eventual annihilation of the physical self and all that I am and all that has accumulated in me. Now annihilation is a fairly intense word so I feel that oblivion is more appropriate, although depending on where we are it too can feel intense. Oblivion feels more like a destination to travel to as opposed to being annihilated on the way there. Now the eventual exit of the physical self into oblivion or the total annihilation of the physical self (whatever one works for you) is an intense and emotional blockage for the majority of humanity, it can if we choose, allow us the opportunity to really embrace and live in this moment called life.

The dictionary defines life as “the time between birth and death”. Sounds simple enough however, how many of us really live in that space and how many of us are running from an undisclosed end date or the reality of eventual oblivion? I know for myself until the last year or so I had refused to face the concept of oblivion, it turns out that in some way we all have this fear and for the vast majority of the people I know and love every decision (at its base level) made in their life is made from the knowledge that at some point they will be cast into oblivion. It’s a fair call really although a little irrational and it leads people to create weird lives based upon the fear of exiting stage left.

Everything that we encounter in this world has a use by date. All matter and material possessions at some point fall into either obscurity or oblivion, it seems to be the natural order of matter. So if we can disconnect from a material object why can’t we do the same for the material object that is the body? That is all easier said than done and it takes great courage to face this reality, although it shouldn’t. Look at any object around you, they all age and start to deteriorate at some stage. Eventually being discarded or upgraded to a newer model. Don’t we physical beings do the same thing. We outgrow relationships, houses, cars and clothes and we move on not once thinking  about what we have cast into oblivion. Even when we lay down to sleep of an evening we enter the world of oblivion. The physical body lay sleeping/comatosed and the energetic self is where? Somewhere!!

Inevitably this life we lead in this physical form will come to a finish, that is a given (or is it?) However my belief is that this physical reality we have created for ourselves is only a stepping stone and a place of learning and remembering who we really are at the core of our being. And that being is of pure energy and energy can’t be destroyed, it can only be transmuted or moved on for the beginning of a new chapter. Our society can’t comprehend at this time the notion or concept that we are immortal, the mention of this concept brings with it derision and incomprehension that such an absurd idea is possible. Why is it not possible? What else is possible that we don’t know of? This dimensional reality we are in dictates to us that we are not physical immortal.. It is a mortal paradigm that the physical body resides in. However the energetic soul that drives this physical meat wagon around is immortal and will continue on in a different form as it has done for millennia. A quote I found the other day explains this “The fact of the matter is that your body is your vehicle. And you came to earth to get it, you have to work with it, then it is your key to freedom from being earthbound”.

This realisation is liberating in so many ways. It will allow us the space to confront this fear and uncomfortableness we have and explore how it came into our being.  And it was put there by a cultural paradigm that doesn’t believe in its own inherrant abilites. When you watch a child play they are very much in the moment, they have no concept what so ever that anything they do could lead to harm let alone oblivion (the concept doesn’t enter their awareness). They launch right into everything with reckless abandon, then watch their parents or carers response when they do something that they (parents) feel might harm them. They launch into their defend and protect from harm mode built from their fear of oblivion. Bring up the subject of death with anyone and watch their body language recoil in horror that you would want to talk about something so morbid and then them attempting to change the subject….rapidly!

We run from what we fear most and we avoid discussing it for fear that we will feel uncomfortable. We make life choices to avoid it. Look at anyone who reaches middle age. They are at what they define as the middle point of life and start to look back at what they have or haven’t achieved and then look forward and what they see is oblivion coming closer so they make choices so as to avoid the inevitable demise that is heading their way (Insert fast cars, motorbikes and young women/men). Really when you think about it, oblivion is a breath or step away at all moments in all of time. Choosing to embrace that reality and live in the moment by accepting that this is only temporary and all the possessions and money in the world will not make one iota of difference in the end is liberating.

If we create our lives from the fear of eventual oblivion we will miss the bit in the middle called “life” and that is where all the joy and bliss of each and every moment resides. If we are holding in the back of our mind that fear how can we fully immerse in the beauty of the present moment. We can’t! Liberate yourself by accepting oblivion as a transitory step on this long and beautiful journey and you will live a full life.  It is the bus stop to the next phase. Release all your attachments to all that is physical and material and watch your life blossom and fill with joy. All that we have is this very moment, the past is gone and the future is not guaranteed. So fill each moment with a choice to immerse oneself in what is, not what might be. So when its time to walk the path of oblivion you can take that step fully immersed with the knowledge and wisdom of a life lived fully and truthfully.

That choice defines our Reality In-formation! Love and gratitude to all.

What is possible?

IMG_2437As this is my first post here I will endeavor to keep it short and sweet, not one of my strong points as I can tend to ramble or even rant when something gets me all passionate and fiery. The basis for my setting up a blog is really to explore the world we interact with daily. We are told and shown by the example of others from a very early age what it means to be in this world (or reality as I like to describe it). So if we are told and shown everything, how much of it is really ours? How much of what we experience day to day is received and perceived from a place of neutrality? How much of the information we receive is actually beneficial to us and how much of this information is designed to unconsciously control or manipulate us? Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have all the answers however I’m going to explore all the little bits and pieces that make up my reality. And really, all of our life up till this point has been in-formation so it stands to reason that everything else from here on is in-formation. I’m not sure where all this will lead to actually one of my favorite sayings is “I do know that I don’t need to know and when I do need to know I will then know what I didn’t once know” I do know that it will be awe-full