Truth of Questioning

Eye of Georgina

Questions? We all have em!

Nobody can ever open the door of life for us. Every person, interaction and moment in time and space is another opportunity to forge the key to the lock on our door. It is up to us to find the door that key belongs to, open it up and then walk through it. It takes great courage and tenacity to find that door and then walk through it. However only we can take that step. There are many guides that can get us to the door as there are many charlatans that will lead us away from it by claiming they have the golden key to access to the door we are seeking. They may have all their answers to their questions, however they can’t answer our questions nor can they open our door, that is up to us and only us! Anyone who claims to have all the answers is bullshitting and living in their own delusion, don’t join them!

There are no easy answers to the questions this life asks from us. The lesson always arrives after the test. If we look for the simple easy way out of an uncomfortable situation it can be guaranteed that we will be tested again and again until we realise that we have to sit with the discomfort as that is where the true learning  and the real answer lies. Can we expect another to have all our answers? They may have some knowledge that leads us to an awareness of our current situation, however they can’t answer our questions as they are unique to us and our life. We are the technology we have been searching for and we are the solution to all that we seek. All we require is within us, it has been there all along and will continue to be there until we listen to that soft voice and recognise that it is only us that we truly need. All that I am is all that I need. Its you, its you, its always been you!

All that we require is built into the human operating system. And as we go along this road of life we get updates and bug fixes that alter the way we interact with our reality. Each update that comes our way is still a choice on whether to install it or not. We can instal all of it or just the bits that are relevant to us at that moment, however it is still a choice as this whole life experience from beginning to end is. One big choice after another. How we choose depends on our questions! So before we ask a question we need to be sure that we really need to know the answer. Once it has been answered there can be no turning back nor can it be deleted as what is seen can never be unseen.


To answer these questions, what we need is space! We require space not time to process these questions. Standing in the vast expanse of space you understand that most of the questions we ask of ourselves are irrelevant. The questions we ask of ourselves is how we create our reality in-formation!

Transmuting In-formation of this Reality!

What is Reality? Do we ever really know or comprehend what is truly occurring around us? Are we a part of what we witness or are we external from it perceiving it through a kaleidoscope of lenses that change depending on the elements that we are in exchange with? Is that what is occurring? Is reality the exchange of energy taking place in this current moment in time and space which is shown to the internal self through a lens of differing resonant shades? How we perceive it is purely up to which internal monkey is tuning in and setting the focus and what that monkeys attachment is in having to present a story to the outside elements. That then becomes your reality. Who’s hat are you really wearing in this moment?

What are those elements that co-create your reality? They are all the elements we tune into in every waking moment. They are the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the people we interact with and the manner in which we invest our time and energy. These elements generate and absorb energy and they then transmute that energy into us, which empowers the us to the next moment. They are all energetic forces, as are the natural worlds elemental forces of fire, water, air, earth. These all are generating our daily reality by the choices we make as well as the choices we don’t make. Making choices is the tuning that we do or don’t do. To do that consciously is to choose your reality. Unconscious tuning is leaving your reality to chance and in someone else’s hands. We are the tuning fork to all that occurs within us and to us. That tuning is the energy we receive and emit, commonly felt as the gut instinct or the heart connection and it is emitted as well as received through us.

At every moment there is an energy pulsing through us and guiding us through the minefield  that is the modern human experience. All those elements make up the reality we perceive and how we experience that. To experience that internally is to have insight into what it is you are creating in every moment. Is it not that which defines the human experience? One that is purely an internal energetic exchange! Can it even be defined? As to define something is to attach to it an outcome, that then fixates that definition into a dual reality. By having an attachment to an outcome we immediately bring into creation a polar opposite, that is the dual. To dual is to fight! Thus in an attachment to an outcome there will be some fear of loss and a fight to maintain the status quo, as to be attached one has to accept the polar opposite of loss. That is what we humans fear the most LOSS. This is why this modern human experience places so much emphasis on living and life, yet so many fear to tread on that path for fear of the unknown. To truly live you have to not be attached to an outcome. You have to walk the path of the unknown and trust that you will come through it. At some point we will all cease to be in this physical form, although our energy will not cease to be as energy does not stop, it transitions or transmutes into another form.

Transition is where there can be no attachment. It is the point at which you have released all attachment to the past and have not quite gripped future outcome and for that moment your breathe is taken away, you are literally floating in a sea of possibility! That is the point where all is possible.  That is now! The only moment that matters is now! It is the letting go of the handlebars moment where some energetic force continues your movement and by relaxing into it will allow it to flow through you like water flows down a stream. It carries you forward into the next moment. It can be gentle when you release into it or it can be violent and hard when you fight it. Every moment in time is a transition, we are transitory beings in a world that we believe is solid, attaching to that solidity is where we struggle and the point at which we create duality. However, as each moment fluxes and wanes in multidirectional realms of time and space that are not visible to the naked eye, we can feel it in the body. The body is the receiver for all that is experienced in the elements of nature and also from the elements of all other energetic beings we interact with. All life is energy so to that end all that is in this world is living and thus emits an energy that interacts with our own electromagnetic fields. Thus creating the reality we witness.

Taken one step further if we can assimilate these elements through breath work, water fasting, sun gazing, immersion in water, connecting with earth through barefoot walking, spending conscious time communing in nature and meditating with these elements  or another form that works for the individual, they will empower us to move beyond what we think is possible and into the unknown world of what is possible. Moving beyond the thinking brain and the intellectualisation of this paradigm and a reality that must define and know every outcome. Into the realm of release of all identification and attachment to transition beyond the constructed walls of perception based upon the consensus reality of all energy that is embedded upon this planet. Releasing this attachment and identification of the thinking mind and the little self is to release the concept of holding a position, it removes the dualistic nature of consensus reality. What position can the thinking mind and little self hold when attachment to an outcome is released to a position of neutrality? There can be no identity in that space! There can only be a transition, transformation or transmutation to a new reality. To transition, transform or transmute is to go beyond or through time and space using the vital force within to create. What is it we are creating? Our reality is what is being created in that space. And that is Reality In-Formation.

The questions I pose in these articles are not always answerable and that is the point. Not everything in life needs an answer. My answers will differ from yours as our lives are lived from different perspectives and have differing inputs and outputs. There can be no right or wrong answer.  That is duality! There can only be an answer that resonates within you. We don’t always have to have the answers. That is the mystical side of this life. However how will you ever get an answer if you don’t ask a question? In order to find the truth in your life you must be prepared to ask questions. For you will never find truth if you sit on the fence and acquiesce yourself to others beliefs. These are purely the thoughts and questions that arise daily from within my energetic being, I am not aiming to answer them correctly and in order of appearance. My aim is to find the truth from the insights I gain by asking the questions in the first place. My hope here is that we can gain some insight together. Through a common-unity!

Every morning feels like this

Love and gratitude to all! Enjoy the journey!

The less we need, the more we can BE!

Needlessness! What does it mean to be needless?

As a child I was once told by my mother that once all your needs are met you can then go after what it is you want. If you still feel that you must have it. At the time I had no idea what that meant all I knew was that I wanted something that she wasn’t going to let me have and to me it appeared unfair. Fast forward a few decades and that statement finally sinks in. We don’t actually want or need anything and the less we need the more it frees us up to BE more. Firstly what is the difference between a want and a need? Are they different or do we justify everything we want as a need? And how do we distinguish the difference between them? I know in various situations I’ve been able to justify wanting some shiny new product because I couldn’t or didn’t want to distinguish the difference between them only to wind up poorer for the experience.

Needs! What do we actually need to thrive here on planet Earth? The common three that are rolled out are food, water and shelter. You can also add clothes onto that list as apparently its frowned upon these days to walk the streets naked. Well in my town anyway. So beyond those 3 or 4 items we pretty much don’t need anything else to thrive and those items are fairly easy to create or obtain. It doesn’t matter what level your income is at you can source food, water and shelter for free if you know where to look and can be a little resourceful. Even if its not free we need very little to sustain ourselves in these departments.

Which brings me to wants, everybody wants something and generally its not a requirement to sustain human life it normally is wanted to distract us or to delude us into thinking we are something we’re not. There is nothing wrong with wanting something, i’m not here to say give up your way of life and live under a tree with just a loin cloth on and nothing else and you’ll be happy. Some wants are better than others that for sure, however its being able to distinguish between a healthy desire to want something that will create an improvement in your life and wanting something because its the latest fad or gadget and your attempting to keep up with your peers. That is an unhealthy desire masked as a want and its an unhealthy space to be in. However we have all been there. The key here is to be able to identify what it is you want and if it ties in with your needs or improves your ability to obtain your needs then go for it. Again distinguishing the difference can make all the difference.

The society that has been created around us is built upon consumerism and consumption. Which creates more wants than needs as the market for the three or four basic needs is pretty slim and there’s not a lot of capital to be made there. So this space has been created where we are manipulated into looking outside ourselves for gratification and approval. We are led to believe that if we get this thing (whatever it may be as it doesn’t need to be a physical object to generate the same process) we want it will make our life better. We feel great for a brief moment because of hormonal changes that are a result of obtaining a desire, however it is short lived. Everything we need to have a better life is within us not outside of us in the wants of modern society. These wants are designed by marketers to generate cashflow for the suit and tie brigade and it wraps us up in a never ending quest of doing instead of being. One thing that has become apparent to me is that I’m a human being not a human doing and if I want more things i will have sacrifice some part of my life in order to be able to get said wants, which takes me away from my beingness and my creation potential. However if I need less I can actually be more as I’m not running around attempting to fulfil all of these desires. I actually have more time to be me and to be fulfilled by my-self created internal bliss. Blissfullness is an internal job.

In order to obtain a want what do we need to sacrifice? Let’s look at a simple scenario. Bob wants a new widget. There’s nothing wrong with his old one its just not as fast as his mate Barry’s, nor is it as shiny. Now in order to get the new widget he has to come up with cash. For the purposes of this explanation we will assume that credit doesn’t exist! Bob earns $25 an hour and his widget will cost $2500. Bob needs to work an extra 100 hours, on top of his normal work hours to be able to afford the new faster shiny widget. Now that’s a lot of Bob’s time spent doing instead of being. All because Bob believes that this new widget is needed by all of his justifications. It’s no longer a want its needed and desired, see the distinction there! What Bob is actually doing is sacrificing his time to be like Barry and have a new shiny gadget. What Bob probably doesn’t realise is how much time Barry has had to sacrifice in order to get what he wanted, Bob doesn’t care he just wants it no matter what as he’s not seeing a sacrifice he is distracted by his desire for the latest widget and the idea that it may improve his lot in life. And at the end of his long working week when he is exhausted from the extra hours he will more than likely be too tired to even use his new widget and will have found some other want to attempt to hold off the feeling of dissatisfaction with how tired and exhausted he is with his life. Sound familiar! It does to me as I have lived that experience on many levels. That’s one small example of a want taking away our time to be. And then snowballing into a never ending cycle of wanton desire that is commonly known as consumerism. Because it is actually desire that creates this unbalanced cycle. When we cease desiring and become content with being that is when we exit the external world of desire and enter an internal flow that is tranquil, calm and needless.


The journey of liberation begins with needlessness as a state of total sentient sovereignty is realised. Juliet Carter

It is because of our ever expanding comfort zones that we have satiated through a series of hollow definitions of abundance and need that we have been sold by marketers, media and society in general that causes us to feel this desire of needing more. If we release our desire of any-thing and we become needless we actually create a space to BE. We actually need no-thing, no-body and no-time to be the best we can be. That is needlessness. Realising that all we need is within us and we can manifest all our needs and more from being needless for any-thing, any-body and any-time. If its a requirement for your life it will turn up. Now I’m not saying that you will sit there in lotus position and when you open your eyes all that you have ever needed will be right before your eyes. What I’m saying is that before we race off and buy the latest gadget that’s been advertised to improve our life we should actually sit and meditate on it and ask ourself, is this really needed? Will this improve my being or detract from my being? What am I doing or sacrificing to obtain this? Do I already have something in my life that does a similar thing to this and if so can it be upgraded or adapted to the task? Will I still be using this in 5 years time, or will this be relevant in 5 years time? What will it really mean to me to have this? These are simple things we can ask ourselves when we give ourselves space to be and not chasing an illusion that ends in unfulfilling instant gratification. This process will liberate and allow us to move easily beyond the addictive illusions of this consumeristic reality and walk away from the never ending loop of consumption.

If you allow yourself to see the perfection in every moment and everything you witness, from a space of total needlessness, even where you have convinced yourself that perfection doesn’t exist you will begin to integrate and synthesise within yourself the light and the shadow. From this serene and blissful space your Reality is In-formation. Much gratitude and Love.

BE like Water……….FLOW like water

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”― Bruce Lee

Whilst out on my weekly reconnect with nature, which inevitably involves water I perceived the change that water can create in the natural world. It got me thinking that like water we are transitory on this plane of reality. Everything moves, life moves, energy moves (we call that e-motion e=energy). Flow is a movement! It can be blunt and destructive much like the flooding river does after a tropical downpour where the trees and floatsom travels downstream in a torrent crashing into objects and changing the scene in a rush. Or it is gentle and subtle creating its groove over spans of time that are impossible to witness in this short human life. The question remains in this lifetime are you the torrent or the subtle groover? Or do you become like the water and become the chalice that overflows with the innocence of this very moment and allow its beauty to flow over you and carry you downstream through all the ebbs and flows of its meandering course?

If you have ever spent time in the tropics you will more than likely comprehend the amount of water that is all around at this time of the year. If you haven’t experienced life in the tropics you should try it at least once in your life. Water falls from the sky in torrents and when its not falling from the sky the air is thick with it. You feel all clammy and sticky from the heat and the thick moisture that we breath. You are immersed in it. For me though water is more than rain, rivers and having it on tap. It’s one of the basic elemental structures of life and without it we will cease to be.

It got me thinking, what is water? I mean other than physical liquid that is wet, (according to the dictionary) what does water actually represent and why is it so important for human life? Water is the first fractal of the human hologram, it’s the foundational element of this human matrix. I’m no lab coat brigadier, however I am smart enough to be aware of its physical importance to the very fabric of life. Attempt to grow a plant without watering it, generally it will struggle to thrive eventually withering, weakening and dying. Alternatively attempt to function without water, my understanding is we can’t last more than 3 days without it, life wouldn’t be so cool then.

Going back to physical basics water is hydrating to the human organism. Now there’s a clue! The periodic table tells us water has two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Now there’s some similarity in the words hydrating and hydrogen as they both come from the Greek word hydor meaning water. Now taken one step further doesn’t the human also need oxygen? Now we don’t always have to breath oxygen through the lungs it can be absorbed through the skin or even through the internal organs that comes into contact with…..wait for it…..water!! So where does all that hydrogen come from? My guess is to look skyward to our greatest source of energy, the benevolent sun. Always giving never taking. The solar sphere is feeding us with rays of golden light and some of those rays are components of water again fuelling us and connecting us into the eternal wheel of existence.

How does water impact our emotional and mental planes of existence? We can see physically the importance of this wet liquid, however these planes are deeper and unseen to the physical world. From my experience sitting by a river has a calming effect on my mental and emotional reality. Immersion in water also allows a form of forgiveness on the physical body by lightening its load bringing about feelings of calmness and serenity that can be hard to achieve whilst on the hard surfaces we wander around on daily. Floating springs to mind, and in that space it is absolutely serene, with water cradling and supporting the physical infrastructure. Water never judges, it never chooses a side it goes where the path of least resistance is. It takes on the form of whatever chalice it is poured into. And you my friend are a shapeless, formless chalice. An open chalice waiting to be filled with the tender, loving, forgiving and non-judgemental water, why stop at filling why not overflow with that abundance and share its gift. And that is where I believe the true life giving energy of water lies!

So how can we integrate these benefits of water into our daily reality. Apart from hydrating with it and bathing in it there are I believe other ways . Mindfulness immediately springs to mind. If we are mindful when we drink a glass of water and we really allow our body to commune with this elixir of life we can absorb the radiant energy that water imbues. Swimming in the ocean or any body of water can release tension that has built up during the day and allow our body to feel buoyant and feel released of the effects of gravity. When we stand in the shower allow the flow of water over our body to dissolve and discharge the energy that we have collected during the day. Feel its forgiving and non-judgmental energy flow over our body dissolving the day away, and really who doesn’t love a long shower after a hard day in the office. Or if you really want to dive deep and connect with your inner being try a float tank experience, not only do you immerse in really buoyant water you get the added benefit of total darkness and silence where you become totally shapeless and formless. As Bruce Lee states “Become like water my friend”. This is the depth of Reality In-Formation with much gratitude and love.

A fast flowing Mulgrave river after a January tropical downpour.

Pausing and Reflecting with the natural cycles…..Solstice 2017

In light of the approaching summer solstice in the southern climes of North Queensland I felt that this would be where I could reflect on the time and space that has passed since the winter solstice some 6 months ago. And look at what I had asked to be dissolved and created from that portal in time and space. Part of that reflective process is to look at all that I have written or noted down in my variety of note pads and journals and perceive that information into what has actually become my reality. Every day the sun rises again for a new day and I am reborn to create the reality of that moment. Life is about this very moment, not the past as that has come and gone, nor the future as it is not guaranteed, it is all about now right here and now. Now that the sun is reaching it’s southern most point in the sky and as it will pause before returning north it is time for this being to pause, to take stock of this reality and ask “what else is possible” in this moment to create the next.

The first note that drew my attention this morning was one I wrote down some time ago. I have no idea any more what time, day or month it is as it is all irrelevant when one is attempting to live in the presence of this very moment. The notes came from a YouTube presentation I watched of Mark Passio and it states “It is our shared responsibility to continuously speak the truth, even if we feel burdened and it makes all involved feel uncomfortable”. “Persistence and constant effort is required”. And lastly our purpose on this plane of existence is “Service to Truth” and that we must “care enough to learn the truth and then have the courage to spread that truth”. Those couple of notes have basically described the journey that I embarked upon in the last 2 years. I have sat in the uncomfortableness of the truth and have searched out the truth, it has been a challenge as my truth is only mine and I can not expect that it will align with others nor will they be at a point in their conscious evolution that it will make sense to them. It has also been a process that has required myself to release attachment to many objects, ideologies and constructs that have developed over the years. With that in mind and in light of events of the last 6 months the truth I was seeking has begun to set me free from the constructs of my self imposed restrictive judgements and points of view. In spreading that truth I was shocked at the depth people will go to ignore the truth and defend their point of view and protect the system/perpetrators at all cost. So as a result friends and family connections have dissolved, not through anyone’s fault mainly due to myself not being prepared to live in untruth and ignorance. Lastly in big bold letters on that page of notes I wrote this down “Know the real enemy, the Ignorant sleeping masses”. I feel that says enough.

The solstices are about thanking nature for its hand in your world and asking it to continue to deliver abundance to your world. Firstly the winter solstice is the shortest, coldest and darkest part of the year (except in North Qld) and if you made it this far you could thank Mother Nature for sparing you and ask it to assist you to prepare for the post winter period where the days get longer and warmer and what you plant will grow. So in order to plant something you need to prepare the ground. And that is where the dissolution of anything that no longer serves comes into play. You can’t grow and become a better more evolved human if you are carrying remnants of your past. There is only so much room in your garden to grow a new crop and if it is full of the rotting remnants of old relationships, values and judgments how can anything fresh and vibrant grow in that environment? So I set about turning my soil over, burning down the old crops, dealing with long held values and moral judgments that have crowded out my paddock. And man there was some stuff that burnt for days some of it is still smouldering. However uncomfortable it was and still is, it had to be done. Because if our Reality is In-formation, then if we carry the old outdated information into the future then all we are recreating is similar versions of past experiences. If those experiences were unpleasant, difficult or constantly challenging your sanity wouldn’t they continue to manifest into your reality overplayed with the struggling new crop you tried to plant on top of them? So with that knowledge and understanding I proceeded to overturn old beliefs, friendships, family ties, ideologies and anything else that wasn’t in alignment with my truth and turned them into the compost to plant the new crop in.

Validation, acceptance and dissolution has been a group of themes I found through my review of my journals and notes. I discovered that the reality I had been involved in up till now had been all about seeking validation and acceptance by others not of myself. Now it is a normal human condition to seek the approval of our peers and family. It is what makes us feel part of team human. We want to belong to a group with a common unity also known as community. It is what gives us our identity, our badge of life experience that we can share with other like minded individuals. I had found that I was doing and being for others what I wasn’t prepared to do or be for myself. It was a lesson that challenged all current belief systems and required me to dig deeper to find my truth. The question arose, What if the way I interacted with the world no longer applied or was no longer relevant in my current reality? What if everything I had sought was a constructed lie that served others not myself? I discovered in my search that the cultural reality I entered from birth was a construct that wasn’t about serving my best interests its about serving the interests of capitalism. It was all designed to keep me from being connected to my being-ness. So what does one do? Find the courage to confront this truth to see if it is really my truth and to stop being Ignorant of the truth, that is really what is right in front of us all at any given moment. So I asked to dissolve all that no longer served my purpose on this physical plane. And might I add before you ask all to be dissolved you better be prepared for the results because the saying “ask and you shall receive” is as true as the sun rises daily, also best you word your questions precisely and with the truest of intent.

Is it predetermined points of view from your physical reality that inform your daily interactions? With the result becoming this experience called life. Is it those predetermined points of view that can continue to manifest good or bad? By holding on tightly to these reference points and not allowing yourself to be entertained by fresh new thoughts or truths it can hold you in a pattern of recurring situations. Different characters and locations, similar results. Well that was my experience. I was holding onto morals and beliefs that were other peoples idea on how life should be lived. It was again back to the validation and acceptance of others that was continually giving up the same experiences. You can’t fix the problems of life through the same thinking that created them. By picking through these belief structures and where I had actually obtained them from I was able to uncover my truth and realise that most of my adult life had be structured around others ideas and experiences and not my own. My default mode was referring to others for their input and what they would do. That way if anything should fail I had the perfect scapegoat. Well they had to go. As my fresh new crop could not sustain itself from within this outdated paradigm. Gary Douglas has the most perfect quote to sum this up “Receiving is the ability to perceive all the information there is without a point of view”. In order to receive anything in this reality one must be prepared to have no fixed points of view or judgements. Having those points of view restricts and limits us and our ability to perceive anything new thus stopping us from creating a new reality. It binds us into the same old situation same old results if our mind is not open and able to receive, essentially your mind needs to be in a thought/belief vacuum to receive new information to create.

So it is here I sit in meditation, watching the sun rise and absorbing its benevolent radiant energy on this, the longest day of the year. It is a beautiful sight to behold. This golden orb gives rise to all life on this physical plane, including us. It is the reason we have food to sustain us, energy to power us and daylight to revel in. As a child we would play outdoors in this light and as it began to set we would trundle off home to recall our daily exploits with fervour to our parents. It is our natural time clock, our only requirement as children was to be home before the sun set. No need for fancy watches or mobile phones, someone had to keep an eye on the light to ensure we got home in time so that we could do this again tomorrow. Simple abundance. I ditched my watch years ago and began to rely once again on this golden orb for my time measurement , also mobile phones help for the finer points in time requirements of adult life. However I awake at its rise and go to bed once it sets, with this I get plenty of restful sleep and have extra hours in my day due to its early rising. It is in this moment that I sit and witness the birds first flight of the day, the waking of the children in neighbouring houses, smell fresh coffee being brewed and feel humanity awake from its nightly slumber to tackle the day ahead. This is the bliss of life. The quiet pause and the setting of the days intentions and clearing the mind ready to create the abundance of the day ahead, all happening under the radiant light of the golden orb in the sky.

So today as this golden orb pauses at its southern most point in its trajectory we too should pause. Enjoy this quiet moment as within this pause is the limitless potential to create infinite possibilities. First though, look at what you would like to create and then begin to clear out the old to ensure the new creation is as beautiful, abundant and in alignment with your truth as it can be. For a tree to grow tall and strong it must first put down strong roots, to do this the ground it is planted in must first be prepared. Take this pause in time and space to give your soil a good turning. Toss out what’s not working. Release people, situations, possessions, beliefs and anything that no longer serves your true purpose. Be ruthless in your release and it will flow back to you in ways you never knew it could or would. Ask yourself “what else is possible”? So for this being, the summer solstice is all about giving thanks to the natural world, for the bountiful harvest that is the reality we have created together and then look forward to what else is possible and the choices I have today that I did not have yesterday. For without nature I would not be sitting here writing this as nature has provided all that I have in some form or another, It is responsible in part for my being able to sit here and commune with you the reader. With much gratitude and love, always follow YOUR Bliss!

Failure…….What does it mean for you?

Is Failure a Choice?

Failure! This seems to be a word that most people run and hide from. The mere mention of this word in a conversation can raise the hairs on the back of the neck and send many a good person into a panic or a barrage of derision. Its a word I once feared and dare not mention. It carried a great deal of emotion and it is a word that I was taught to fear. We don’t fail around here we merely make mistakes. Well aren’t they the same thing? A mistake as defined by etymonline is a ‘wandering from the truth” or “a false judgement or choice”. Sounds the same. So at what point does a failure become a mere mistake? Because if you don’t succeed at some point you have failed to make a sound choice. So how can you turn a “false judgement or choice” from failure into success?  describes failure as “to be lacking or not succeed”. Sounds pretty reasonable. If you set out to achieve something and you don’t well you have not succeeded in your chosen objective, straight forward enough. It also sounds a lot like a mistake. So why when you tell someone that you have failed to achieve something is there this stigma attached? Because what your really saying when you proclaim you’ve failed is that you have wandered from the truth of a given situation and not made a sound choice and the end result is a lack of success.  The reason I bring this up is quite personal and something that I have struggled with and struggled to accept for sometime, until now!

It appears to me that we live in a world where success is the key yard stick and where it’s all at. We parade our heroes for all to see and we put them upon pedestals and tell all and sundry that this is what it means to be a successful human. Greatness and a desire to win and be the best no matter what is the goal and it is played out every minute in the media in all its gory detail, no matter what the field. From politics to sport all the way down to the advertising for food or material possessions, its how our society drives itself to be better than the last. We never see the failures and it is never spoken about. We never see the obese people who consumed the food of champions or the unhappy punter who lost it all at the races. The only time we see a failure in the media is the fallen sports star or celebrity who made a poor choice/mistake, purely because it gets ratings and generates sales. What they did is human. What they did was wander from the truth, and make a false judgement or a poor choice. What is so wrong with that? Isn’t it a human condition to fail before you can appreciate success?  To be great you need to learn how to handle failure. And to appreciate the flavour of success you need to taste failure.

I’ve lived in this world long enough now to know that to be a success you must have failed at some point. I have yet to meet anyone who was an instant success or who hadn’t failed before they succeeded. Failure is where the true growth and learning come from. If you fail at your given task, you review it. See what didn’t work and try again with the new knowledge gained and make your attempt to succeed again. Or as Chris Ryan one of my favorite pod-caster states “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success”. Don’t dwell upon the failure, learn from it and redefine what it is your attempting to succeed at. So when I failed massively at my chosen venture, I looked at it not as a failure. I seen it more of an opportunity to learn something that I’d never known or never been able to learn if failure wasn’t an option on the table. From that new knowledge I redefined what success actually meant to me and for me. Failure lost its grip on my emotional state and showed me its valuable lesson. An expensive, draining lesson, albeit a lesson in life nonetheless.

Which then brings me to the world around me and the other humans that inhabit it. Some of them don’t get it. To them you JUST DON’T FAIL! It is viewed as some heinous crime that isn’t spoken about, or we cover it up so the neighbors don’t hear about it. People are great at passing on their point of view of where you went wrong. You didn’t try hard enough. You should put more hours or money into it. You should just keep going and pushing until it succeeds. All great points of view from outsiders and all things that we have all used with varying degrees of success although ultimately the end result can still be the same. It is very easy to stand in judgement of others and have your point of view, it is much harder to stand beside them and with them in the mess that is their failure and to not pass on your judgement or your point of view and to be with them in it. It’s uncomfortable! That’s why it is hard. Where the real growth lies is admitting to yourself that you actually failed, you didn’t cease to be by accepting the result. Your not a lessor person because of it, you are more than before. So by not continuing,  irrelevant of what the people around you say you should do you have actually succeeded because only you know what is right for you. And this life is only about you and your choices. Then by picking up the pieces and redefining the measurement of success as it means to you. And proceeding forward with new knowledge and information to create your reality that is constantly in-formation.

So next time someone tells you your a failure. Smile at them and say thank you for their point of view, however I’m learning new skills and am currently in-formation of new ways to succeed in my reality. And carry on being the best version of yourself that you can currently be! And if you can’t smile at that maybe this picture may make your day.

Tree Pixie

The smiling Bramston Beach pixie