Truth of Questioning

Eye of Georgina

Questions? We all have em!

Nobody can ever open the door of life for us. Every person, interaction and moment in time and space is another opportunity to forge the key to the lock on our door. It is up to us to find the door that key belongs to, open it up and then walk through it. It takes great courage and tenacity to find that door and then walk through it. However only we can take that step. There are many guides that can get us to the door as there are many charlatans that will lead us away from it by claiming they have the golden key to access to the door we are seeking. They may have all their answers to their questions, however they can’t answer our questions nor can they open our door, that is up to us and only us! Anyone who claims to have all the answers is bullshitting and living in their own delusion, don’t join them!

There are no easy answers to the questions this life asks from us. The lesson always arrives after the test. If we look for the simple easy way out of an uncomfortable situation it can be guaranteed that we will be tested again and again until we realise that we have to sit with the discomfort as that is where the true learning  and the real answer lies. Can we expect another to have all our answers? They may have some knowledge that leads us to an awareness of our current situation, however they can’t answer our questions as they are unique to us and our life. We are the technology we have been searching for and we are the solution to all that we seek. All we require is within us, it has been there all along and will continue to be there until we listen to that soft voice and recognise that it is only us that we truly need. All that I am is all that I need. Its you, its you, its always been you!

All that we require is built into the human operating system. And as we go along this road of life we get updates and bug fixes that alter the way we interact with our reality. Each update that comes our way is still a choice on whether to install it or not. We can instal all of it or just the bits that are relevant to us at that moment, however it is still a choice as this whole life experience from beginning to end is. One big choice after another. How we choose depends on our questions! So before we ask a question we need to be sure that we really need to know the answer. Once it has been answered there can be no turning back nor can it be deleted as what is seen can never be unseen.


To answer these questions, what we need is space! We require space not time to process these questions. Standing in the vast expanse of space you understand that most of the questions we ask of ourselves are irrelevant. The questions we ask of ourselves is how we create our reality in-formation!

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