BE like Water……….FLOW like water

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”― Bruce Lee

Whilst out on my weekly reconnect with nature, which inevitably involves water I perceived the change that water can create in the natural world. It got me thinking that like water we are transitory on this plane of reality. Everything moves, life moves, energy moves (we call that e-motion e=energy). Flow is a movement! It can be blunt and destructive much like the flooding river does after a tropical downpour where the trees and floatsom travels downstream in a torrent crashing into objects and changing the scene in a rush. Or it is gentle and subtle creating its groove over spans of time that are impossible to witness in this short human life. The question remains in this lifetime are you the torrent or the subtle groover? Or do you become like the water and become the chalice that overflows with the innocence of this very moment and allow its beauty to flow over you and carry you downstream through all the ebbs and flows of its meandering course?

If you have ever spent time in the tropics you will more than likely comprehend the amount of water that is all around at this time of the year. If you haven’t experienced life in the tropics you should try it at least once in your life. Water falls from the sky in torrents and when its not falling from the sky the air is thick with it. You feel all clammy and sticky from the heat and the thick moisture that we breath. You are immersed in it. For me though water is more than rain, rivers and having it on tap. It’s one of the basic elemental structures of life and without it we will cease to be.

It got me thinking, what is water? I mean other than physical liquid that is wet, (according to the dictionary) what does water actually represent and why is it so important for human life? Water is the first fractal of the human hologram, it’s the foundational element of this human matrix. I’m no lab coat brigadier, however I am smart enough to be aware of its physical importance to the very fabric of life. Attempt to grow a plant without watering it, generally it will struggle to thrive eventually withering, weakening and dying. Alternatively attempt to function without water, my understanding is we can’t last more than 3 days without it, life wouldn’t be so cool then.

Going back to physical basics water is hydrating to the human organism. Now there’s a clue! The periodic table tells us water has two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Now there’s some similarity in the words hydrating and hydrogen as they both come from the Greek word hydor meaning water. Now taken one step further doesn’t the human also need oxygen? Now we don’t always have to breath oxygen through the lungs it can be absorbed through the skin or even through the internal organs that comes into contact with…..wait for it…..water!! So where does all that hydrogen come from? My guess is to look skyward to our greatest source of energy, the benevolent sun. Always giving never taking. The solar sphere is feeding us with rays of golden light and some of those rays are components of water again fuelling us and connecting us into the eternal wheel of existence.

How does water impact our emotional and mental planes of existence? We can see physically the importance of this wet liquid, however these planes are deeper and unseen to the physical world. From my experience sitting by a river has a calming effect on my mental and emotional reality. Immersion in water also allows a form of forgiveness on the physical body by lightening its load bringing about feelings of calmness and serenity that can be hard to achieve whilst on the hard surfaces we wander around on daily. Floating springs to mind, and in that space it is absolutely serene, with water cradling and supporting the physical infrastructure. Water never judges, it never chooses a side it goes where the path of least resistance is. It takes on the form of whatever chalice it is poured into. And you my friend are a shapeless, formless chalice. An open chalice waiting to be filled with the tender, loving, forgiving and non-judgemental water, why stop at filling why not overflow with that abundance and share its gift. And that is where I believe the true life giving energy of water lies!

So how can we integrate these benefits of water into our daily reality. Apart from hydrating with it and bathing in it there are I believe other ways . Mindfulness immediately springs to mind. If we are mindful when we drink a glass of water and we really allow our body to commune with this elixir of life we can absorb the radiant energy that water imbues. Swimming in the ocean or any body of water can release tension that has built up during the day and allow our body to feel buoyant and feel released of the effects of gravity. When we stand in the shower allow the flow of water over our body to dissolve and discharge the energy that we have collected during the day. Feel its forgiving and non-judgmental energy flow over our body dissolving the day away, and really who doesn’t love a long shower after a hard day in the office. Or if you really want to dive deep and connect with your inner being try a float tank experience, not only do you immerse in really buoyant water you get the added benefit of total darkness and silence where you become totally shapeless and formless. As Bruce Lee states “Become like water my friend”. This is the depth of Reality In-Formation with much gratitude and love.

A fast flowing Mulgrave river after a January tropical downpour.

Releasing into the unknown……..or is it really known?

There is something really powerful about letting go, or releasing attachment. I have started to look at aspects of this reality I have created and begun to release attachment to titles, objects, locations and anything else that really isn’t working for this little being. It is truly amazing how many things we collect along this journey of life. I’m not talking only about possessions. I’m also talking about labels and places we inhabit frequently. Let’s dig a little deeper to uncover this beautiful gem of In-formation.

Attachments! We all have them and most of us are completely unawares of how they impact our day to day lives. To attach something is to fasten, affix or connect it. Ment is from the Latin word mentis which means mind. So looking at the construction of the word would indicate that an attachment is an object, title or possession that is affixed or fastened to the mind. Well we all know that the mind is one hell of an illusion creator, look around if you don’t believe it as the world we live in was created by our thinking mind and within that world exists all our attachments to everything.

One of the practices I have been engaged in for some time is a morning meditation incorporating some sun gazing and occasional Qi-Gong movements. It’s a very calming and cleansing way to start the day. A great opportunity to integrate anything that came up during my sleeping dream state and to set some intentions for the day ahead. It also allows my mind an opportunity to release and download all its weird little patterns and attachments it may have picked up in the last 24 hours. Because it does, the mind collects bucket loads of data and information that it feels is relevant, most of it though is white noise and the perfect distraction to what needs to be done. The little monkey mind that never stops can create chaos out of order in seconds if not nurtured and allowed to release its collected data regularly. And that is the purpose of this beautiful morning practice and everyday I learn a little more about what makes this being tick.

What have I learned this last week or so from this morning practice? Lots of things have been learned however in relation to this post I will stay on topic. One of the big learnings came from listening to a podcast. Now I know its not quite that meditative awakening moment however I receive all information from wherever and however it comes into my awareness. A bit of back story first. We are downsizing our living arrangements and as a result clearing out rooms and sheds full of stuff that has been collected over the years. I noticed it was a challenging experience to go through our history and decide what is needed and what is no longer needed. So plugging away in the shed I played a Duncan Trussel Family Hour episode. Number 271 to be precise and the guest was Larraji. Like most pod-casters I listen to I generally have no idea who they are interviewing so its always rewarding when they offer up gems of information and wisdom that resonate with me and this was no different. He spoke of letting go of labels and attachments when in meditation, basically noticing all the different labels we have given ourselves, dad, boss, son, business owner and so on as they are labels they are not who we are. That person resides deep underneath all that attachment.

Going back to the etymology of the word attachment you can see how these labels can attach themselves to our mind an make us believe that’s who we are, when in reality it isn’t. It’s a box our mind has partitioned ourselves into so that when we have an interaction with another we can describe ourselves. It’s the 30 second sales pitch to sell your product to another or is it the sales pitch we are selling to ourselves? So the next morning I worked through all the labels that I generally identify with and man there was a fairly long list. What it did bring up during that meditation was each time I bought a label into my awareness that I identify with I was able to see clearly either the person or situation that it was first created. Working through them all I realised that as I was aware of a label and seeing the situation I was able to release it back to that person as its the way they see me not the way I need to see myself. It is their energetic label that enables them to see me in the box that works for them, its not mine never was never will be.

You see what I noticed is that whenever we interact with another being or situation we are energy exchanging. We give a little of ourselves and in exchange others give a little of themselves. The question is who is the person your being when exchanging this energy? Then next time we interact in that situation with that being we have already programmed inside our mind of what to do, say and act in the presence of this person. There’s your label son and it was done unconsciously and rapidly before your awareness even knew it was created. So what you have effectively done is carry a little piece of that energy exchange with you. It doesn’t matter if that interaction was 20 years ago that little label is in there and it is playing around with your operating system trying to match up other similar events and box them together. When you go deeper on all the attachments we have it is mind blowing as it spreads out into the physical world you have manifested and all the material possessions that have collected you.

Material possessions also carry an energetic resonant field that once you see that nice trophy on the cabinet it can take you back to the very moment in time when you received it. For an experiment pick up a photo album of when you were a child and feel the way your mind, body and emotions take you right back to that point in time. It is profound as its all stored in the mind and at anytime the mind opens up that little box and then your operating on that system. So with all of that in mind I adapted the way I processed all the possessions that I have collected. Noticing that each object was able to transport me to the very time and place that it was collected or that it came into my possession and was labelled. Then I was able to receive that point in time accept that it happened and then release all its energetic attachment to me and either bin it, repurpose it or sell it. It made the process of processing the material possessions so much easier and liberating.

Now I’m not saying its easy. This is the third downsize project we have undertaken in the last couple of years, and it won’t be the last. This is by far the biggest as so much has changed for us on so many levels and the projection of our reality is constantly shifting and by being held in place by these beliefs, possessions and labels is holding us in a revolving pattern. We don’t require revolution we are on the path of evolution and part of that process is letting go of attachment and freeing ourselves to become the best representation of ourself. One way I look at this is the same way I lost a heap of weight many years ago. All that excess weight (40kgs of it) was holding me down, slowing me down making me unhealthy and it was baggage that was heavy and sending me on an early entry to physical death. By resolving the emotional blocks I had within my lifestyle and choices I was able to burn that fat off and keep it off, becoming a newer version of myself. I move more efficiently now and am able to physically achieve more than ever. All by releasing what is no longer required. At the time I had no idea who or what I was going to become or look like, it was an unknown quantity. Or was it? However I came out the other side leaner, fitter, stronger and better for the experience.

What is known by myself now is that anything is possible once we release old patterned behaviours and actions. We open ourselves up to the infinite potential of the moment when we have no attachment to objects or ideologies. And that I know is the creation point of my reality. From that clear space I am able to consciously receive more in-formation and thus create the reality I need to fulfill my purpose here on this physical plane. So what are you waiting for? It can be as simple as changing the way you drive to work, or the cup you drink your morning coffee out of. Or you could go real extreme and open up those boxes you’ve stored under the house for the last 20 years and go through them and release the attachments to who you once were. Your future self will greatly appreciate the release. With much gratitude and love reality is in-formation.

Much like this paddock, once we release old patterns we are ready to sow and grow the new crop.