Pausing and Reflecting with the natural cycles…..Solstice 2017

In light of the approaching summer solstice in the southern climes of North Queensland I felt that this would be where I could reflect on the time and space that has passed since the winter solstice some 6 months ago. And look at what I had asked to be dissolved and created from that portal in time and space. Part of that reflective process is to look at all that I have written or noted down in my variety of note pads and journals and perceive that information into what has actually become my reality. Every day the sun rises again for a new day and I am reborn to create the reality of that moment. Life is about this very moment, not the past as that has come and gone, nor the future as it is not guaranteed, it is all about now right here and now. Now that the sun is reaching it’s southern most point in the sky and as it will pause before returning north it is time for this being to pause, to take stock of this reality and ask “what else is possible” in this moment to create the next.

The first note that drew my attention this morning was one I wrote down some time ago. I have no idea any more what time, day or month it is as it is all irrelevant when one is attempting to live in the presence of this very moment. The notes came from a YouTube presentation I watched of Mark Passio and it states “It is our shared responsibility to continuously speak the truth, even if we feel burdened and it makes all involved feel uncomfortable”. “Persistence and constant effort is required”. And lastly our purpose on this plane of existence is “Service to Truth” and that we must “care enough to learn the truth and then have the courage to spread that truth”. Those couple of notes have basically described the journey that I embarked upon in the last 2 years. I have sat in the uncomfortableness of the truth and have searched out the truth, it has been a challenge as my truth is only mine and I can not expect that it will align with others nor will they be at a point in their conscious evolution that it will make sense to them. It has also been a process that has required myself to release attachment to many objects, ideologies and constructs that have developed over the years. With that in mind and in light of events of the last 6 months the truth I was seeking has begun to set me free from the constructs of my self imposed restrictive judgements and points of view. In spreading that truth I was shocked at the depth people will go to ignore the truth and defend their point of view and protect the system/perpetrators at all cost. So as a result friends and family connections have dissolved, not through anyone’s fault mainly due to myself not being prepared to live in untruth and ignorance. Lastly in big bold letters on that page of notes I wrote this down “Know the real enemy, the Ignorant sleeping masses”. I feel that says enough.

The solstices are about thanking nature for its hand in your world and asking it to continue to deliver abundance to your world. Firstly the winter solstice is the shortest, coldest and darkest part of the year (except in North Qld) and if you made it this far you could thank Mother Nature for sparing you and ask it to assist you to prepare for the post winter period where the days get longer and warmer and what you plant will grow. So in order to plant something you need to prepare the ground. And that is where the dissolution of anything that no longer serves comes into play. You can’t grow and become a better more evolved human if you are carrying remnants of your past. There is only so much room in your garden to grow a new crop and if it is full of the rotting remnants of old relationships, values and judgments how can anything fresh and vibrant grow in that environment? So I set about turning my soil over, burning down the old crops, dealing with long held values and moral judgments that have crowded out my paddock. And man there was some stuff that burnt for days some of it is still smouldering. However uncomfortable it was and still is, it had to be done. Because if our Reality is In-formation, then if we carry the old outdated information into the future then all we are recreating is similar versions of past experiences. If those experiences were unpleasant, difficult or constantly challenging your sanity wouldn’t they continue to manifest into your reality overplayed with the struggling new crop you tried to plant on top of them? So with that knowledge and understanding I proceeded to overturn old beliefs, friendships, family ties, ideologies and anything else that wasn’t in alignment with my truth and turned them into the compost to plant the new crop in.

Validation, acceptance and dissolution has been a group of themes I found through my review of my journals and notes. I discovered that the reality I had been involved in up till now had been all about seeking validation and acceptance by others not of myself. Now it is a normal human condition to seek the approval of our peers and family. It is what makes us feel part of team human. We want to belong to a group with a common unity also known as community. It is what gives us our identity, our badge of life experience that we can share with other like minded individuals. I had found that I was doing and being for others what I wasn’t prepared to do or be for myself. It was a lesson that challenged all current belief systems and required me to dig deeper to find my truth. The question arose, What if the way I interacted with the world no longer applied or was no longer relevant in my current reality? What if everything I had sought was a constructed lie that served others not myself? I discovered in my search that the cultural reality I entered from birth was a construct that wasn’t about serving my best interests its about serving the interests of capitalism. It was all designed to keep me from being connected to my being-ness. So what does one do? Find the courage to confront this truth to see if it is really my truth and to stop being Ignorant of the truth, that is really what is right in front of us all at any given moment. So I asked to dissolve all that no longer served my purpose on this physical plane. And might I add before you ask all to be dissolved you better be prepared for the results because the saying “ask and you shall receive” is as true as the sun rises daily, also best you word your questions precisely and with the truest of intent.

Is it predetermined points of view from your physical reality that inform your daily interactions? With the result becoming this experience called life. Is it those predetermined points of view that can continue to manifest good or bad? By holding on tightly to these reference points and not allowing yourself to be entertained by fresh new thoughts or truths it can hold you in a pattern of recurring situations. Different characters and locations, similar results. Well that was my experience. I was holding onto morals and beliefs that were other peoples idea on how life should be lived. It was again back to the validation and acceptance of others that was continually giving up the same experiences. You can’t fix the problems of life through the same thinking that created them. By picking through these belief structures and where I had actually obtained them from I was able to uncover my truth and realise that most of my adult life had be structured around others ideas and experiences and not my own. My default mode was referring to others for their input and what they would do. That way if anything should fail I had the perfect scapegoat. Well they had to go. As my fresh new crop could not sustain itself from within this outdated paradigm. Gary Douglas has the most perfect quote to sum this up “Receiving is the ability to perceive all the information there is without a point of view”. In order to receive anything in this reality one must be prepared to have no fixed points of view or judgements. Having those points of view restricts and limits us and our ability to perceive anything new thus stopping us from creating a new reality. It binds us into the same old situation same old results if our mind is not open and able to receive, essentially your mind needs to be in a thought/belief vacuum to receive new information to create.

So it is here I sit in meditation, watching the sun rise and absorbing its benevolent radiant energy on this, the longest day of the year. It is a beautiful sight to behold. This golden orb gives rise to all life on this physical plane, including us. It is the reason we have food to sustain us, energy to power us and daylight to revel in. As a child we would play outdoors in this light and as it began to set we would trundle off home to recall our daily exploits with fervour to our parents. It is our natural time clock, our only requirement as children was to be home before the sun set. No need for fancy watches or mobile phones, someone had to keep an eye on the light to ensure we got home in time so that we could do this again tomorrow. Simple abundance. I ditched my watch years ago and began to rely once again on this golden orb for my time measurement , also mobile phones help for the finer points in time requirements of adult life. However I awake at its rise and go to bed once it sets, with this I get plenty of restful sleep and have extra hours in my day due to its early rising. It is in this moment that I sit and witness the birds first flight of the day, the waking of the children in neighbouring houses, smell fresh coffee being brewed and feel humanity awake from its nightly slumber to tackle the day ahead. This is the bliss of life. The quiet pause and the setting of the days intentions and clearing the mind ready to create the abundance of the day ahead, all happening under the radiant light of the golden orb in the sky.

So today as this golden orb pauses at its southern most point in its trajectory we too should pause. Enjoy this quiet moment as within this pause is the limitless potential to create infinite possibilities. First though, look at what you would like to create and then begin to clear out the old to ensure the new creation is as beautiful, abundant and in alignment with your truth as it can be. For a tree to grow tall and strong it must first put down strong roots, to do this the ground it is planted in must first be prepared. Take this pause in time and space to give your soil a good turning. Toss out what’s not working. Release people, situations, possessions, beliefs and anything that no longer serves your true purpose. Be ruthless in your release and it will flow back to you in ways you never knew it could or would. Ask yourself “what else is possible”? So for this being, the summer solstice is all about giving thanks to the natural world, for the bountiful harvest that is the reality we have created together and then look forward to what else is possible and the choices I have today that I did not have yesterday. For without nature I would not be sitting here writing this as nature has provided all that I have in some form or another, It is responsible in part for my being able to sit here and commune with you the reader. With much gratitude and love, always follow YOUR Bliss!

No-thing is Simple……No-thing is complex

Reality this week has been a challenge. As the information coming into my awareness has been so intense and upsetting for many around me. Their frustration and anger has been directed at me although I am not the source of these issues only the catalyst to enable them to confront them and deal with them. The main reason I set about writing this blog was to express how I see, feel and interact with the world around me. And to show others (if they are interested in reading it) that my reality is not so different than theirs only the characters, location and circumstances differ the take home is generally similar. And that maybe one or two lines that I write may resonate with them and give them another view point to deal with what’s going on in their reality. By shifting the information you receive and perceive you can shift how your reality is formed. Thus reality is in-formation.

This post follows on a little from my previous blog post “Failure……what does it mean for you” as it relates to how others perceive us. It started up after a conversation with a relative who stated “I can’t believe you could let this happen” and then continued to say how they would do this or that and their belief that if we had of done things their way we wouldn’t have failed. Now these two statements indicate a very egocentric way of looking at the world they inhabit. They assume that because we are related that we would do things the same as them. It also shows that they believe we just allowed the circumstances to happen to us. Now firstly the world around us is happening because of us not to us so that just blows that statement out of the water. No-one lets things happen to them, they choose this to happen by either choosing a line of action or simply not choosing an action as not choosing is still a choice. And secondly this is to assume that we all see the world the same and thus will react the same. I also see shame and judgement in both comments, that somehow shame and judgement has been bought down upon the family name, what will the neighbours think-I say fuck the neighbours!

Holding ourselves to ransom of others belief systems and not following our own is paramount to outsourcing our reality, for what purpose? How can another persons beliefs or ideals apply to you wholeheartedly? They cant! Some may apply in certain areas of your life, however they are born from a completely different perspective and life experience. The judgements and opinions of another being whose whole life experience could be totally incomprehensible to your reality don’t apply to you. How can anyone know that what another person sees, hears, tastes and smells is the same as their experience? And inversely how can they know what your experience is? Again we assume that what another person experiences surely must be the same as us as we are either related or are in the same space at the same time. Although we aren’t. If two people are sitting at a round table how is it possible that they are experienceing the same thing? Well firstly if they are sitting opposite each other their viewpoint is different as they are seeing each other. One may have their back to a door while the other faces the door. Take into consideration light, noise, smells and so on the experience is very different for each person even though they are technically sharing the same space. So why do we assume both had the same moment, the same experience?

Is it because we judge all around us from our own set of perceptions and thus we believe that the other person experienced the same things. It is an egocentric position to view the world around us. You at the centre and all that you are interacting with is experiencing the same reality as you are. Now there is the observer effect that can come into play. Which has been shown in some scientific studies that we, the observer do in fact change the behaviour of what we are observing. Now is that because the observer tells us that is the truth or is that their truth? What reference point do we have if we then observe what the observer has seen and see something different or do we acquiesce to their belief to keep the peace? Who ever can tell, as we are all observing the world around us through our own lens and thus that surely must be our truth and our truth only. Aren’t we back at the egocentric centre? I seen this so surely you must of seen it as we were there together. I heard you say this so this is my truth when in fact the other said something totally different and that is their truth. See how we wind up in all sorts of pickles and dilemmas based upon the premise that all others are having the same experience as us and how we can get locked in a revolving door that keeps going round and round, until we change our perspective and realise that my experience is only mine and others are theirs.

What is required is a change in point of view. To a point of no view or no judgement or my favourite NO-THING! No-thing is simple yet no-thing is complex. No-thing is quiet yet no-thing is loud. We are no-thing, with no-body in no-time! No-thing is the centre point of all creation. Standing in the centre of no-thing is to stand at the centre of infinite potential as the seed of creation. It is the zero point where all action begins. The infinite is within us as it is without us, so no-thing is within us and it is without us. The us is what witnesses reality and to witness from no judgement or point of view is to open up to the infinite potential of abundance of the universe. It’s a tough space to hold. To witness this current world paradigm from an impartial, equitable balanced space is to step outside the box and peer back in without an agenda. We are swamped by others opinions, judgements and points of view constantly. Open any one of our Hypno-rectangles and we have instant access to a plethora of them. Facebook, TV, radio and so it goes. These are platforms that have been built for that very purpose to ensure that you follow the cultural line and for fucks sake don’t think for yourself and develop your own version of reality. It’s considered a birth right in a free country to hold an opinion. Yeah cool hold it, don’t spread that shit, unless it helps humanity. Imagine how different (if you can) the world would be if no-one held an opinion or judgement? How peaceful would the world be? Or is this some kind of weird utopian dream I have?

What is needed is to view all that is around us from a child’s perspective. From a space of curiosity and wonderment. From a space of neutrality and impartiality as if it is the first time we have witnessed this moment. That’s because it is. This point in time and space is new and will never be had again. Even as I write this my head space and experience changes as each word is laid out on the page. Each moment is unique and fleeting and made up primarily of the information we receive and perceive. If we receive that information from a space of no judgement or no point of view then the infinite potential of creation is possible. If we view it only from a narrow point of view then what we judge is only possible, we have effectively then cut off our infinite potential. If we show gratitude for the moment, and witness it with child like wonder isn’t anything possible? One saying that has taken on a new reverence for me is “Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional”. Now I’m a big kid and anyone who knows me knows this to be so. I choose child-like wonder and curiosity as it makes my life joyous and entertaining. Now I take this one step further and really see with fresh new eyes, not the old worn down by adulthood and this mortal paradigm. Anything is possible from there and yes look out big kid Jonas is out to play!

That is what I’m attempting to create in my reality. I’m not saying you should do the same all I’m saying is this is what I’m experiencing and if you are experiencing something similar cool. To really receive is to have the ability to perceive all the information available with no point of view. From that central point anything is possible. Our only limiting factor is our judgements. Drop them and the world really does open up to you, within you. From that point an abundant, infinite Reality is in-formation!